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In the old city quarter in the centre of Moscow, there is the Brasserie Lambic — the restaurant at Kurskaya with an excellent selection of Belgian beer.

Beer is the main concept of the establishment: it is loved here, drunk according to all the rules, and supplemented by suitable snacks. In the menu one can find pale ale and white wheat unfiltered beer, classical golden ale and lager, cherry lambic and chocolate stout — in a word, beer for every taste. In the restaurant at Kurskaya, it is offered to have fried Camembert, mini lamb chebureks or mussels in tomato souse as a snack (1,200 to 1,900 roubles depending on the portion size).

Ресторан на КурскойРесторан на Курской

At lunchtime, one can order a business lunch in the restaurant at Kurskaya. You can choose out of two options: salad, soup and hot plate for 650 roubles, hot plate with salad or soup for 500 roubles.

It is also easy to make a dinner program in Lambic. There is a large section of grilled dishes from classical stakes to shrimps, sizeable portions of salads, bruschetta of all kinds, a special burger with a marbled beef cutlet and beef stroganoff with fluffy mashed potatoes — there are a lot of options. Special sorbet out of chery Lindemans Kriek (220 rouble per scoop) and excellent Belgian waffles are offered for dessert.

Ресторан на КурскойРесторан на Курской

The hall for 80 guests is decorated in smoothing colours with deep brown hues prevailing. Soft lighting contributes to cosy atmosphere of Lambic.

During the warm season, the restaurant at Kurskaya can boast of a small terrace reminiscent of terraces of European establishments. Tables are located right in the street, and you can sit down there in the open air at any moment to have lunch, drink something cooling or have dinner. Light canopies can shade you from the burning sun, you can smell the scent of flowers, talk in a romantic setting with a glass of wine.

Ресторан на КурскойЛетняя веранда ресторана Ламбик на Курской

Restaurant address: Vorontsovo Pole Street, 11/32с2

490 m
700 m
790 m

Telephone: +7 (495) 432-09-90

Mon—Thu, Sun from 12 PM to 12 AM
Fri, Sat from 12 PM to 3 AM

Lambic club Privilege Club