Beer restaurants in Moscow. Best restaurant

Beer restaurants in Moscow

Moscow. The best beer restaurants. There are many beer restaurants in Moscow, more than half a thousand... By definition, there are far fewer good beer restaurants... Find a great beer restaurant in the center of Moscow — great luck! And this is despite the fact that the center of the capital is both a business center and a tourist Mecca, and, finally, just a popular place for citizens to relax, and as a result, it is filled with all sorts of buffets, cafes, bars and restaurants that are different in level and theme.

And you can count on your fingers the elite restaurants that are worthy of the attention of true beer connoisseurs. Note that it was said not" elite", but" elite«, which indicates on the one hand the democratic nature of the institution, hospitable to all true beer lovers, and, on the other hand, the high level of requirements for themselves and the exclusivity of the product offered.

However, the restaurant of Belgian beer «Lambic» 11/32 Vorontsovo pole street. it needs to be introduced only to those who have recently arrived in Moscow or are not yet aware that Belgian beer is deservedly considered the best in the world. By the way, for fans of good German, Czech or English beer, seasonal exceptions are made. For example, today the menu of our beer restaurant includes premium English ale Newcastle Brown Ale. However, it should be noted that the Lambic restaurant is the patrimony of the Belgian foamy drink and only here guests of Moscow and its residents can find an impressive variety of their favorite ale.

Lambic restaurant — one of the best beer restaurants in Moscow

So, as you have already understood, the search for the best beer restaurants in Moscow will definitely lead you to «Lambic». The restaurant is not large in size, but it is interesting for its originality, exclusivity of the drinks offered, excellent cuisine, cozy interior and, of course, the quality of service. The lambic restaurant can be safely ranked among the best restaurants in the capital by its combination of qualities. Note, not strictly «beer restaurants» in Moscow, but just "#restaurants«.

In fact, almost all the best beer restaurants in Moscow include Belgian «Blanche» or «lambic» in the menu, but nowhere else but in the «Lambic» restaurant, you will not find such a variety of excellent Belgian beer varieties in combination with decent cuisine and original interior in the national style.

One of the best beer restaurants in Moscow — «Lambic» — opens its doors to sophisticated gourmets and novice lovers of good Belgian beer! At your service:

A wide range of high-quality Belgian Beers.

The best beer restaurant in Moscow could not be considered the best without an impressive selection of light, dark, classic, exclusive, fruit, wheat, dense or light beer. Here you can always try the Belgian ale of famous brands: Blanche de Bruxelles Bourgogne des Flandres Timmermans Kriek Lambic
Delirium Tremens (’delirium tremens’) Pauwel Kwawk Triple Karmeliet Dominus Double / Dominus Triple

The relaxed atmosphere of a classic Brussels Brasserie.

Soft music, stylish and at the same time cozy interior combined with exemplary service. What else do you need for a thorough meal, a leisurely conversation, or a pleasant retreat?

The cuisine is a worthy addition to the impressive abundance of Beers.

Author’s salads and beer appetizers, first and second courses, hot meat appetizers, dishes on coals, desserts and dishes of the Lenten table. Lambic is ready to compete with the best beer restaurants in Moscow with a variety of mouth-watering dishes on the menu!

In «Lambic» there is beer for any occasion and for any company, whether it is a noisy friendly meeting or a serious men’s conversation over a foam mug, because there are varieties that can be found not in every beer institution of the capital.

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