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Moscow. The best beer restaurants. There are many beer restaurants in Moscow, more than half a thousand... Good beer restaurants are much less by definition... Finding a great beer restaurant in the center of Moscow is great luck! This is despite the fact that the center of the capital is a business center, a tourist Mecca, and, finally, just a popular vacation spot for city dwellers, and therefore it is full of all kinds of cafes, cafes, bars and restaurants of different standards and themes.

And you can count on the fingers of one hand the elite restaurants worthy of the attention of true beer connoisseurs. Note that it was said not "elite", but "elite", which indicates on the one hand the democratic character of the institution, hospitable to all true connoisseurs of beer, and on the other hand, the high level of demands on themselves and the exclusivity of the product offered.

However, the Belgian beer restaurant "Lambic" 11/32 Vorontsovo Pole St. needs an introduction only to those who are new to Moscow or are not yet aware that Belgian beer is deservedly considered the best in the world. By the way, for the lovers of good German, Czech or English beer there are seasonal exceptions. For example, today in the menu of our beer restaurant we have English premium ale Newcastle Brown Ale. But nevertheless it is worth mentioning that the restaurant "Lambic" is the realm of Belgian foamy drink and only here guests of Moscow and its inhabitants can find an impressive variety of beloved ales.

Lambic Restaurant - one of the best beer restaurants in Moscow

So, as you have already understood, the search for the best beer restaurants in Moscow will definitely lead you to "Lambic". The restaurant is not large in size, but it is interesting with its originality, exclusivity of offered drinks, fine cuisine, cozy interior and, of course, the quality of service. Judging by the totality of the qualities the restaurant "Lambic" can be placed among the best restaurants of the capital. Note, not strictly "beer restaurants" in Moscow, but simply "#restaurants".

In fact, almost all the best beer restaurants in Moscow include Belgian "blanche" or "lambic" in their menu, but nowhere but in the restaurant "Lambic" you will not find such a variety of excellent Belgian beer in combination with a decent cuisine and original interior in the national style.

One of the best beer restaurants of Moscow - "Lambic" - opens its doors for experienced gourmets and beginners who love quality Belgian beer! At your service:

Wide assortment of high quality Belgian beer.

The best beer restaurant in Moscow could not be considered the best without an impressive selection of light, dark, classic, exclusive, fruity, wheat, dense or light beer. With us you can always try Belgian ales of famous brands:
Blanche de Bruxelles Bourgogne des Flandres Timmermans Kriek Lambic
Delirium Tremens ('White Hot') Pauwel Kwawk Triple Karmeliet Dominus Double / Dominus Triple

The relaxed atmosphere of a classic Brussels brasserie.

Quiet music, stylish and at the same time cozy interior combined with exemplary service. What more do you need for a detailed feast, a leisurely conversation or a pleasant solitude?

The cuisine is a worthy complement to the impressive abundance of beers.

Salads and beer snacks, first and second courses, hot meat appetizers, charcoal dishes, desserts and fasting dishes. The variety of appetizing dishes in the menu of "Lambic" is ready to compete with the best beer restaurants of Moscow!

In "Lambic" there is beer for any occasion and for any company, whether it is a noisy friendly meeting or a serious conversation between a man and a foamy mug, because there are varieties that can be found not in every beer restaurant in Moscow.


Date: 16 July
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Chanterelle season at Lambic!

Chanterelle season at Lambic!

We opened the long-awaited season of chanterelles at Brasserie Lambic! Try 5 author’s dishes with chanterelles in the main roles: summer vegetables salad, Belgian potato waffles with truffle cream, creamy risotto with beef brisket and pasta casareche. We have not forgotten about the invariable hit of every summer — fried potatoes with chanterelles and cottage cheese cream — a big recommendation from the whole Lambic team! We also recommend the kataifi dough millefeuille with seasonal berries and fruits. It doesn’t have chanterelles in it, but it’s delicious too! As drinks we can safely take sangria on white or red wine and cocktails: blueberry-violet with gin or peach-jasmine with rum. Combine with chanterelles on the sunny verandas of Lambic!

11 July 2024

Test Kitchen's new seasonal menu

Test Kitchen's new seasonal menu

Test kitchen is a project where you can be the first to try new products for the main menu of Brasserie Lambic. Brand-chef Alexey Yashayev has prepared 9 dishes, the best of which will soon be added to the main menu of our restaurants. We recommend you to start with the famous French meat pie paté-croute, filled with duck, turkey and chicken with pork, framed with a layer of thin dough. We serve two dishes at once with the flamekesh flatbread: tuna tartare with sesame kimchi and seared salmon, which we spread on the flatbread in a thin layer with avocado. Crispy chicken was prepared in two variations: with summer green salad or pattitim pasta with oyster mushrooms. Hearty beef steak is prepared with mozzarella and onion marmalade, and we advise to take crispy ciabatta to seafood in tomato sauce! Bar manager Diana Dvoretskaya presented three refreshing spritzes that will be the perfect addition to the veranda season at Lambic: with strawberry, peach and limoncello. And on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 there is a special promotion - Aperol Spritz for 550 rubles.  See you at Lambic!

05 May 2024