Big draw at the LambicClub

Date: 07 Октября 2020

Lambic privilege club already has 30,000 guests! We decided to celebrate this event with a big October draw!

So, come to Lambic before the End of October, make orders using the LambicClub card, and on November 1, we will hold a prize draw among all those who used the card.
More visits — more opportunities to win!

We have prepared 30 prizes from us and our partners:

The main prize is 60 liters of Grimbergen Blonde, which you can drink all year long in any of our restaurants!

  • 2 certificates for dinner at Lambic restaurant for 5000₽
  • 5 certificates for dinner at Lambic restaurant for 3000₽
  • 1 case of AST wine
  • 1 Magnum wine Conte Di Campanio Appassimento Salento Igt Contri Spumanti from the company L-wine
  • 5 bottles of beer from European Breweries
  • 5 bottles of unusual 0.75 beer selected by our chef-bartender Diana Dvoretskaya
  • 10 certificates for 1000₽ in lambika
  • 1 certificate for 15,000 rubles for a men’s shirt from Atelier ZOLETTO boutique

Also, for the whole of October, we are increasing the cashback on all LambicClub cards by 5% of the face value! This means that your 1% card turns into 6%, and, for example, 10% will turn into a 15% refund for one month from all purchases to the LambicClub card!

Come to Lambic, get more privileges and win prizes from our partners!
You can install the map by following the link.

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