Mussel and Beer Festival Lambic

Date: 29 Декабря 2020

We decided to start the year 2021 with a big festival, during which we will prepare your favorite mussels according to new recipes. Our team of chefs has developed 6 new sauces for mussels, a plate of which we will cook all January for only 740 rubles only until February 10! The sauces are unusual this time — some based on beer from our Beer Atlas, as well as truffle, mushroom and Tom Yam.

We have added large New Zealand kiwi mussels with three different fillings to the menu to make the festival really big! Well, to make mussels even tastier, Lambic sommelier Diana Dvoretskaya has chosen the perfect beer for each dish!


Baked kiwi mussels:

  • with herbs / recommended with a glass of Brewdog Punk IPA;
  • with bacon and parmesan / recommended with a glass of Cornelissen Lager;
  • with mozzarella / recommended with a glass of Grimbergen Blonde.


  • in truffle cream sauce / recommended accompanied by Schneider Weisse Tap 6;
  • in mushroom sauce with mushrooms and parmesan / recommended accompanied by Adriaen Brouwer;
  • in a sauce of Flemish ale and prunes / recommended accompanied by Monk’s Cafe;
  • in a sauce of Blue Moon white ale with curry and dried apricots / recommended accompanied by Blue Moon;
  • in tomato sauce with the addition of cherry beer Petrus Aged Red and feta cheese / we recommend accompanied by Petrus Aged Red;
  • in Tom Yam sauce / recommended accompanied by Camba Hell.

Come celebrate the beginning of the year in Lambic, we have something to surprise you with!

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