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More than six months have passed since the last big menu update. Many of the novelties are loved by our guests and remain in the new version of our menu already without the "NEW" mark.
In the meantime, we don't stand still, and the whole team, led by Lambic brand chef Evgeny Goncharov, back in August started developing new dishes, still ideally suited to beer from our Atlas. By the way, it is also being significantly updated and the first novelties on faucets can be tried right now! You can find out more in THIS NEWS

Now let's get back to the kitchen menu, new items have appeared in almost all sections of the menu and more than 15 of them. warms you up in the cold weather.
There are more salads and appetizers on the menu, we especially recommend trying our interpretation of nicoise salad with grilled tuna and chicken pâté with foie gras served with lingonberry marmalade.

Brisket — beef special and long cooking. The meat is salted, smoked, baked for several days, and as a result it turns out to be very tender, with a light aroma of smoke from alder chips. We use a perfectly cooked brisket in a salad, where it sides with honey gourd, spinach and mustard sauce. Also in  section "Grill" try brisket with garnish of pickled cabbage  "washers" jalapeno. The same pepper stuffed with feta cheese with beef pastrami can be ordered separately in the  beer snacks section. Crispy breaded squids with yoghurt sauce are back in this section.

Belgian specialties have also been replenished with new players: we slightly updated the recipe for branded potato waffles with duck and added a completely new combination, try waffles with chicken and mushrooms in creamy-truffle sauce.
Yevgeny Goncharov was inspired by a hearty and  already classic dish — "English breakfast", which in the traditional serving consists of fried eggs, sausages, bacon, vegetables and mushrooms on the grill, and also necessarily complemented by canned beans in  tomato sauce. Check out our menu for this dish, complete with poached eggs and potato waffle.

Within the Russian Restaurant Festival, which ended on 5 October for the first time we worked with new not yet the most popular product — venison tenderloin. Our guests liked the carpaccio from this tender and extremely healthy meat, so we decided to continue the experiments in the renewed menu, as a result of which the    appeared in grilled venison tenderloin with roasted vegetables and berry sauce.

The final novelty of autumn is a seafood casserole, which we stew with vegetables in creamy sauce, look in the main dishes section!

Book tables on our website, hurry up to try and discover Lambic again!

Date: 11 October
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Lenten menu at Lambic

Lenten menu at Lambic

We at Lambic are attentive to what is important for our guests, so for Lent we have prepared a special menu with a variety of colorful dishes. To start we offer crispy bruschetta with artichokes, vegetable spring rolls and falafel salad, and as a hot appetizer we serve baked eggplants with tofu cream. For the first course there is mushroom ramen, and the main course is presented with cauliflower steak with quinoa and hearty BBQ shawarma with falafel. We will not leave without dessert — we bake banana pai with lemon sorbet. Be inspired, grow spiritually and do not sacrifice taste — we are waiting for the Lenten menu until the beginning of May!

18 March 2024

The new beer atlas is now at Lambic!

The new beer atlas is now at Lambic!

We have launched a new Beer Altas, and we can’t wait to introduce you to its new products! The legendary PAUWEL KWAK is back — a beer served in a special flask-shaped glass in a wooden base. The legend says that the beer is named in honor of brewer Pauwel Kwak, who at the beginning of the XIX century was the owner of the inn «De Hoorn» and brewed dark beer. His inn was often visited by coachmen, who in those days were not allowed to leave the carriage. Therefore, Kwak invented unusually shaped glasses for them, which could be placed in special wooden holders placed next to the coachman on the carriage. We also recommend you to get acquainted with new positions of hoped beer: hoped Abbey Blonde AVERBODE and Belgian Indian Pale Ale from John Martin brewery — MARTIN’S IPA. The best Belgian tripel of 2023 Brussels Beer Challenge — ZEEZUIPER TRIPEL from Schelde brewery from the province of Antwerp in the north of Belgium is coming to us specially on our order. Our collection of bottled beers has been enriched by breweries such as: — Birra Baladin from Italy (gluten-free blanc NAZIONALE / plum saur SUZI DRY / spiced ale WAYAN). — Kiuchi, HITACHINO brand from Japan (WHITE ALE blanche / ANBAI ALE plum sour / RED RICE ALE rice ale / ESPRESSO STOUT coffee stout / YUZU GINGER NON ALE non-alcoholic ginger ale). — World famous, long awaited and with a huge number of prestigious awards Het Anker brewery (tripel brewed since 1491 CAROLUS TRIPEL / quadruple whiskey enriched GOUDEN CAROLUS WHISKY INFUSED etc.). — Korean craft brewery Jeju (wheat ale with tangerine WIT ALE / lightly hopped PELLONG ALE / non-alcoholic and fresh NOUVEAU PREMIUM IPA). — We completed the line of ciders with Russian dry cider NIKOLAEV & SONS CIDER from the famous winery / Italian cider BIRRA BALADIN SIDRO from Italian apples / Spanish semi-dry TRABANCO PECADO SIDRA SEMISECA. —  And also many other famous varieties you asked us for (English porter FULLER’S LONDON PORTER / Belgian imperial stout GULDEN DRAAK IMPERIAL STOUT / Flanders ale RODENBACH ALEXANDER / fruit lambics LINDEMANS / famous TRIPEL KARMELIET / etc.). See you at Lambic!

06 March 2024