Lambik and beer bars in Moscow

Date: 16 Июля 2015

Do you think that beer bars in Moscow differ from each other only in the interior and prices? Not at all! It is worth at least once to get to the «Lambik» street Vorontsovo field 11/32., and you will immediately understand the difference...

Standard beer bars in Moscow, as a rule, are designed for fans of football, hockey and «Baltika No. 7» — fans of all kinds of live sports broadcasts and savor beer in a good noisy company. All this, of course, is great...

Well, what if you are primarily a connoisseur of QUALITY?!...Beer quality, service, style, environment, ...the quality of the music and, finally, the quality of the audience... What should I do in this case?

Welcome to Lambik-one of the best beer restaurants in Moscow. This view does not imply excessive face control or an «English prudery» mentality. The restaurant has a completely democratic and inviting atmosphere of a classic Belgian Brasserie. Here you can not only have a good time with friends, but also set up a business meeting or date, have a hearty lunch and enjoy the delicate taste of an ancient drink alone with yourself.

Lambik restaurant is aimed primarily at a solid audience that can appreciate the taste of classic Belgian beer.

Of course, if Moscow is waiting for an extraordinary sporting event, the Lambik restaurant will take into account the wishes and needs of its customers and show the long-awaited broadcast. But on a normal day, the restaurant’s customers are more likely to be offered, say, a retro film from the 70s and 80s from the European gold collection, which is more in line with the traditions of the classic Belgian Brasserie. The volume level of the speakers will not prevent you from having a leisurely conversation with your friends.

Lambik is distinguished from most even very good beer bars in Moscow by its range of excellent Belgian beer. Connoisseurs of this famous foamy drink know how difficult it is to find beer bars in Moscow with a decent selection of the right Belgian beer. But the Brasserie’s beer list includes Belgian beer for every taste — dark ale with a fruity flavor, light ale with a rich hop flavor, velvety cherry lambic or spicy Delirium Tremens...It does not make sense to describe all the varieties available in the Lambik bar, because you will be able to appreciate the original taste of Belgian beer.

Beer must be accompanied by appropriate snacks, and if you belong to the category of connoisseurs of European beer, then, of course, you know all the subtleties of combining certain types of beer with beer snacks. For example, light beer — a refreshing and thirst — quenching drink, is supposed to be a light snack, while dark beer-warming and fragrant-is best drunk accompanied by hot and dense dishes.

The Lambik beer bar offers pleasant gastronomic compliments from the chef and regular menu updates!

For any of the beer varieties, you can choose not only traditional appetizers — spicy croutons, crispy chicken wings, spicy squid rings, flavorful cheese sticks or tender pork ribs, but also a variety of dishes of the author’s cuisine, including soups, hot meat dishes, salads and desserts. What else distinguishes the restaurant of Belgian beer «Lambik» from traditional beer bars in Moscow?

Of course, music!

More precisely, regular, weekly and festive evenings and concerts of live high-quality music. ..For example, great jazz, which is never too much for a good beer!

Musical groups are also selected in accordance with the spirit and culture of a solid Belgian beer restaurant, which is ready to do everything so that its guests, having enjoyed themselves, will definitely return again and again for a good portion of good mood and good Belgian ale.

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