Date: 07 Апреля 2017

In all «Lambic Brasseries» there was an exclusive, for the first time brought to Russia,

Westvleteren beer by Trappist monks from Belgium.

Trappist Ales brewed by monks of the order of Cistercians in strict compliance with the monastery walls, with the observance of secret technologies and recipes — a unique style of beer and an important Chapter in the history of world brewing. Trappist monks produce beer, liquors, household chemicals, food, and cheese, among others. The proceeds from the sale go to the maintenance of monasteries and charity.

A bottle of reference ale with a volume of 330ml. for 1400 rubles is a good investment: beer is stored for years, maturing and improving its taste.

Enjoy the taste of legendary Ales paired with cheeses: one of the best gastronomic combinations in our brasseries.

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