Lambic: large-scale update of the main menu

Lambic Brasserie introduced almost two dozen dishes to the main menu. They decided to focus primarily on the preferences of the guests: for example, they had a tasting of the most interesting items. Moreover, the kitchen listened to the comments and took into account all the comments.

Most of the new products — in the snacks section, and all somehow beat the «sea» theme. Pike caviar, seasoned with cream, is served with croutons of cereal and tomato bread (680 rubles), Argentine prawns, fried with sweet chili and avocado, are supplemented with chips from boiled bulgur (520 rubles).

For veal in tuna sauce (780 rubles), lightly roasted beef tenderloin is thinly sliced and seasoned with a complex sauce based on homemade tuna mayonnaise, capers and anchovies. New bruschetta is prepared with Kamchatka crab, avocado and wasabi sauce (780 rubles), new tartare is made from salmon in teriyaki sauce (690 rubles). Teriyaki is also served with seafood and vegetables fried in tempura (560 rubles).

However, there are also many newcomers among the hot dishes. Here and ossobuco (790 rubles), for which veal shank is marinated in herbs and red wine, and beef Stroganoff with textbook puree (780 rubles), and juicy chicken cutlets with baked potatoes and blue cheese sauce (580 rubles) — there is a lot to choose from. And those who want something as autumnal in spirit as possible will be offered stewed beef brisket with pumpkin, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, celery and broccoli in red wine sauce (790 rubles) or pork knee, first soaked in milk, then cooked with vegetables and spices, and then baked with demiglas sauce and served with stewed cabbage (880 rubles)

Fans of grilled dishes will enjoy chicken breast in marinade (590 rubles). As a side dish, you can take French fries with truffle oil and Parmesan (370 rubles) or grilled corn (320 rubles).

The fish and seafood section of the menu used to focus on mussels. But now there are two items that are no less worthy of guests ’ attention: sea bass with black risotto and saffron-based sauce (890 rubles) and fried halibut with vegetables, pike caviar and sweet corn sauce (980 rubles).

But the main thing is to save your strength for dessert: after all, Brasserie now prepares cheesecake (450 rubles) and a surprisingly tender pistachio roll stuffed with whipped cream and fresh raspberries (470 rubles).

You can try new items from October 1 in the Lambic Brasserie network.

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