A gift for real men in Brasserie Lambic

Date: 19 Февраля 2019

On February 23, the Brasserie Lambic chain will give all men a warm gift — a pair of socks with a branded design.
The Brasserie Lambic chain is famous not only for its unique line of Belgian beer, but also for the warmth with which every guest is greeted here.
On defender of the Fatherland Day, restaurants will give men a gift that is warm in every sense — a pair of socks with a branded design, Packed in a craft bag with a branded ribbon. The truth that socks for men, as well as perfume for women, is never too much, still does not lose its relevance, so a festive visit to Brasserie will be especially pleasant. Without a doubt, a pair of socks will appeal to many-both creative and creative people, and fans of quality, and just lovers of good beer.
Gifts are waiting for guests in all restaurants of the chain. The number of gifts is limited.

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