Lenten menu

Date: 27 Марта 2019

In all Brasserie Lambic restaurants, a special menu is introduced during Lent, which contains dishes of European cuisine from vegetables, cereals and fruits.

Baked eggplant with stewed tomatoes cooked eggs that is served with a mini-squash and Brussels sprouts (790 p.), a slice of cauliflower turn into a ruddy steak and serve it with a salsa of peppers and a tapenade of olives (550 p.), millet porridge is prepared in the manner of risotto with pumpkin puree and juice of sea buckthorn (R. 420). It is also worth to try baked eggplant with hummus, tomato concasse, tofu and cilantro (490 rubles), gentle cream of asparagus soup with almonds and fragrant truffle oil (460 rubles) and carpaccio of marinated pineapple with anise, served with a sorbet of wild berries, black currants, sea buckthorn and orange chips (390 p.).

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