Celebrate your birthday in a restaurant

Date: 18 Апреля 2019

Celebrate your birthday in the restaurant can be fun, delicious and without extra costs. Celebrating a birthday at home is usually associated with a number of difficulties: the apartment does not always have enough space to gather all family and friends at one table, and the hosts of the party do not always have the strength and time to prepare a multi-course dinner. In addition, after the holiday, you have to start a General cleaning. And even if you have a lot of helpers and a dishwasher, you can’t avoid extra time.

It is much easier to go to a restaurant: this is not always a ruinous option. Some places please birthday people with the most favorable conditions:

Brasserie Lambic chain offers a 15% discount on your birthday and for 7 days after the event!

Experienced managers will help you create a special Banquet menu based on your wishes and at the same time try to take into account the preferences of all guests. You will also be able to order dishes from the main menu.

We have the opportunity to invite a DJ or cover band, because the right music is the key to a good mood.

Restaurant addresses

The Lambic chain includes 10 restaurants located in different parts of Moscow. We also have rooms designed for different numbers of guests. You can find out the details and conditions of the Banquet by contacting our managers by phone.

Unified phone number: +7 (495) 432-09-90

  • Lambic Brasserie on the prospect of the World: two halls for 50 and 60 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Dolgorukovskaya: two halls for 50 and 60 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Vorontsovo pole: one hall for 80 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Myasnitskaya: two halls for 35 and 100 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Bolshaya Ordynka: the first hall with zones for 15, 25 and 40 guests and the second hall for 75 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Neverovsky: two halls for 20 and 75 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Taganka: three halls for 18, 20 and 12 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Arbatskaya: three halls for 45, 40 and 40 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Pushkinskaya: two halls for 55 and 30 guests
  • Brasserie Lambic on Bolshoy Cherkassky: one hall for 70 guests
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