New items among trappists

Date: 24 Сентября 2019

In the extensive collection of Trappist varieties of beer Atlas replenishment.
From September 25, in all Brasserie Lambic restaurants, you can try Trappist ale Trappist Mont des Cats (France/Belgium, bele) — 7.6% alcohol, at the price of 560 rubles per 0.33 ml bottle.
The monks began brewing beer in the Cistercian Abbey of Mont-de-cot in 1847, but in 1905, after the law on the separation of Church and state, beer production was transferred to secular Breweries, and in 1930 it was completely stopped. since 2011, production facilities are located in Belgium, at the Chimay brewery, where this great-earth ale is brewed.

Dried fruits are strong in the aroma. The taste is soft and at the same time insular. Slightly caramelized, but not too sweet. The finish is toffee, liquorice, dried fruits and a little rough, but not sharp hops.
We recommend combining it with grilled meat or chicken.

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