BOURGOGNE DES FLANDRES GRAND CRU exclusively at Brasserie Lambic!

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We continue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our network and we are in a hurry to announce a chic gift from the breweries John Martin and Timmermans, who brewed a small batch of the unique BOURGOGNE DES FLANDRES GRAND CRU especially for us!< /p>

This is a stunning brown ale blend with pure lambic from Timmermans Brewery. The uniqueness of this beer lies in the mix of spiced brown ale with hints of biscuit and chocolate with mature lambic, aged for 4 years in oak barrels. ;refreshing apple notes and  slightly spicy taste.

The variety will appear on faucets in all our restaurants in during the coming days, hurry up to try, the quantity is limited!
Check availability by phone.

Alcohol content: 5.9%;
Density: 14%;
Type of fermentation: Mixed top/spontaneous;
IBU : 25;
0.5l — 560₽ / 0.25l — 390₽

Date: 22 August
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Chanterelle season at Lambic!

Chanterelle season at Lambic!

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11 July 2024

Test Kitchen's new seasonal menu

Test Kitchen's new seasonal menu

Test kitchen is a project where you can be the first to try new products for the main menu of Brasserie Lambic. Brand-chef Alexey Yashayev has prepared 9 dishes, the best of which will soon be added to the main menu of our restaurants. We recommend you to start with the famous French meat pie pat&eacute;-croute, filled with duck, turkey and chicken with pork, framed with a layer of thin dough. We serve two dishes at once with the flamekesh flatbread: tuna tartare with sesame kimchi and seared salmon, which we spread on the flatbread in a thin layer with avocado. Crispy chicken was prepared in two variations: with summer green salad or pattitim pasta with oyster mushrooms. Hearty beef steak is prepared with mozzarella and onion marmalade, and we advise to take crispy ciabatta to seafood in tomato sauce! Bar manager Diana Dvoretskaya presented three refreshing spritzes that will be the perfect addition to the veranda season at Lambic: with strawberry, peach and limoncello. And on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 there is a special promotion - Aperol Spritz for 550 rubles.&nbsp; See you at Lambic!

05 May 2024