New menu is already in Lambic!

Date: 07 Июля 2020

Over the past three weeks, we have fully restored the operation of all 11 Lambic restaurants and are now ready to move on! The updated menu of the kitchen and bar is already waiting for you: we have reduced prices by more than 20 items of the main menu, returned hits from the past-poke with salmon and tuna, wasabi prawns and mini chebureks with lamb. The beer snacks section has been updated with chicken nuggets, which we serve in one of the three author's sauces to choose from. In the main course section, we added cod with green pea puree with spinach sauce and sun-dried tomatoes.

And finally, what we have been asked for so often-a light summer menu! For example, salad with baked vegetables and corn oil, zucchini stuffed with lentils and Lecho, fried tofu with string beans and, of course, the traditional okroshka on kvass!

Add to this Aperol Spritz for 350 rubles daily from 12 to 16, author's lemonades, Kombucha with different flavors and natural refreshing smoothies!

Everything suggests the need to put things aside and run to our cozy verandas to try new things!

We are waiting for a visit!

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