Big menu update at Lambic!

We really wanted to have time to please the guests of Lambic for the May holidays and we did it!
In addition to the raffle starting in May, dedicated to the company's tenth anniversary, we have launched a major update of the main menu! Look for 20 new and updated dishes with a special mark in the main menu!
Three new items with Peking duck: waffles, salad and burger expand the full range of flavors on our menu. Truffle sauce for mussels, ptitim pasta with cuttlefish ink and seafood, burger with tuna steak will remind you of the sea, better than any words.

Now on the main menu, the main hits of our winter festival of belgian waffles are potato waffles with beef steak and hot cheese and sweet wheat waffles with strawberries and ice cream. The dessert section also includes a classic new york cheesecake with fresh strawberry sauce and a healthy berry bowl with sorbet and granola, which you can enjoy a full breakfast. Another novelty is a large assortment of three types of shrimps on ice-magadan, combed and Bering shrimps with aioli sauce. There are also more seafood salads: light and fresh with shrimp, avocado and feta cream, complemented by a more hearty salad with octopus, baked potatoes and balsamic sauce.
The update is crowned with a dish, without which it is difficult to imagine summer: classic okroshka in two even more classic versions: on kvass or kefir.

We look forward to visiting you to try new products and discover your favorite Lambic dishes.

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