Big beer atlas update!

Date: 13 Мая 2021

The first and most long-awaited news: the legendary Mort Subite Witte Lambic, light and refreshing, brewed with dried apricots, has returned to the taps of almost all Lambic for the first time this year. One of the best summer drinks to enjoy on the Lambic verandas!

Also, in the run — up to the summer, we have increased the range of bottled ciders, and one was connected to the tap-a russian manufacturer from the Leningrad region. The variety of fruit beer has also increased. On tap, we recommend trying Bacchus Frambozenbier. This is a belgian ale made on the basis of flemish brown ale and raspberry juice. The beer has a harmonious, fresh taste with an excellent balance of sweetness and sourness. In the background, there are caramel-malt shades. The aroma reveals rich tones of ripe raspberries and nuances of brown ale.

Updated the stout on the tap, now it’s Shepherd Neame Double Stout. This is a great representative of the english stouts. It is based on an ancient recipe from the brewery’s own archives, used for the preparation of the only and oldest in the UK mash vat made of oak wood. All this, as well as the East Kent varieties of golden hops, gives the beer the signature features of the oldest British brewery.

We are not far behind the modern craft wave, and now you can try the Swedish IPA with an intense, mainly tropical fruit hop aroma and taste, with a powerful dry hopping up to turbidity, and a fuller body, soft taste and less noticeable bitterness of Poppels New England IPA. We also recommend a bottle of non-standard Belgium: Kerel Kaishaku — a 15-degree belgian light ale, the name of which speaks for itself. Kaishaku is the name of an assistant who helps to do hara-kiri in Japan.

For the first time in Lambic, two interesting varieties from russian craft producers from the Crimean brewery Anchor. One of the Anchor’s business cards is grape ales. The very nature of the Crimea has prompted brewers to create these unique drinks with the addition of grape juice varieties rkatsiteli, Riesling, chardonnay, aligote, Pinot Noir.

Absolutely summer hits will be light salty goze, brewed by the Americans of Two Roads: Tanker Truck Passion Fruit Gose (with passion fruit) and Tanker Truck Lime Gose (with lime).

The cherry on the cake is belgian quadrupel (10.5% ABV), aged for 8 weeks in barrels of Laphroaig island whiskey — Gulden Draak Cuvée Prestige Laphroaig.

There are many new products and very different ones, we are sure that everyone will find the right varieties to suit their taste! Hurry up to discover new things in Lambic!

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